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Compact midrange disk arrays, space S2500

In recent years, the end user's storage needs grow faster, both for capacity or performance, their request is not inferior to high-end users. Growth from the market situation, the growth rate of mid-market significantly larger than the high-end market. The end user needs in the end is what? Through in-depth analysis of user needs in China, NEC found the answer: high-performance, economical, but also high value-added.

Rack-mount disk array controller unit configuration

More optimal performance

With the rapid growth in data volume, and frequent visits, SAN network for data transmission bottlenecks are becoming evident. NEC fiber midrange disk array family, a new member - S2500 the first to break the deadlock in support of 4G interface technology, to generate a performance leap. S2500 S2400 not only have all the advantages, and standard maximum 400MB / s high-speed 4Gbps FC host interface, even connect multiple servers, it can achieve high speed response. As a result of RAID6 technology, S2500 in product reliability and availability are a significant upgrade. Increasing hard disk capacity increases, longer recovery time after failure, while the corrupted hard drive is no different from continuous worse. S2500 S2400 inherited the RAID 6 advanced technology, through the double parity, significantly increased the reliability and availability of storage devices. RAID 6 configuration during the user can use the NEC's unique Dynamic Pool function, easy to change the logical disk capacity. Without prejudice to other business situations, the user can smoothly and efficiently as needed to create logical disks.
In addition, S2500 also features mature NEC Phoenix patented technology, the slow response to the hard disk for temporary isolation, automatic implementation of the hard disk scan, such as scanning results showed that there is no fault or failure to change can be restored, then the return to the original hard disk in RAID , thus greatly reducing the replacement rate of the hard disk. Meanwhile, the use of Phoenix technology can slow the server to minimize the occurrence of the visit.

Expand accessibility

According to NEC-related technician, S2500 is a compact, scalable, powerful midrange storage products. With disk prices lower, SATA disk storage application in more and more common, give the user the most direct benefit is realized tiered storage, reducing the total cost of ownership, improved product performance and low cost. NEC S2500 can be achieved within the same array, FC / SATA disk mix interpolation functions that require uninterrupted business operations and high-performance applications, you can use FC drives; for backup applications, you can choose high-capacity, low price SATA hard disk, enabling different based on the nature of business, in an internal storage device to achieve a different division of labor, to help users reduce the cost of backup and archiving.
In addition, S2500 innovation to the controller and disk expansion units can be integrated to the existing structure of compression 6U double, reduced to 3U, significant savings in product placement space. This highly intensive design will not affect the S2500 disk scalability, the basic controller unit, up to 15 hard drives installed. Cascade in the disk of each matching cabinet unit, can be installed up to 15 hard drives, and allow up to 7 disk cabinet to the cascade. S2500 good scalability, enables users to under the business and growth in demand for easy storage expansion, the maximum expandable to 32.7TB of storage capacity and 8GB cache capacity.

Functional diversity

In addition to inheriting and carrying forward the RAID 6, Dynamic Pool, Phoenix NEC storage products such as the unique superiority, S2500 also has a variety of copy functions, in addition to the basic remote data replication, dynamic data replication, snapshots and other dynamic data replication capabilities also increased the dynamic data replication - the dynamic snapshot link function. Through a variety of data replication function in close collaboration, fully meet the low-cost high-speed backup and backup needs. In security terms, S2500 to set the logical unit of disk access, preventing illegal tampering of data. Through the period of protection and to the logical disk unit to write to set the limit to be protected from any server from the logical disk write operation, to ensure data integrity.
The face of fast growth companies changing needs, S2500 high-performance, cost-effective and high value-added outstanding performance in the midrange storage market unique.

Located in the mid-tier enterprise applications


Standard features / specifications reference

Model name


Host Interface

4Gbps Fibre Channel

The number of host ports

4 Interface


Maximum physical capacity

4GB - 8GB (2GB - 4GB / controller)

Battery backup time

Maximum 72 hours

Support RAID levels

RAID-0, 1, 5, 10, 50, 6

Storage Capacity * 1

300GB hard drive, optical fiber


Maximum support for 27.6 TB

147GB hard drive, optical fiber


Maximum support for 13.7 TB

73GB hard drive, optical fiber


6.8 TB maximum support

400GB SATA hard drive


Maximum support for 32.7 TB

The number of hard disk drives

300 / 147 / 73 / 400GB hard drive

4 - 120

Hard disk drive specifications

Hard Drive Interface

2Gbps Fibre Channel / 1.5Gbps SATA

Capacity * 1

(After formatting)

300GB hard drive, optical fiber

288.0 GB

147GB hard drive, optical fiber

142.9 GB

73GB hard drive, optical fiber

71.6 GB

400GB SATA hard drive

393.2 GB


300GB hard drive, optical fiber

10,000 rpm

147GB hard drive, optical fiber

10,000 rpm / 15,000 rpm

73GB hard drive Optical

10,000 rpm / 15,000 rpm

400GB SATA hard drive

7,200 rpm

Support the operating system * 2

HP-UX, Solaris,

Windows2000, Windows2003

Linux, AIX

Chassis Dimensions

(W x D x H)

Disk Array Controller Unit

482 x 596 x 131 mm

Cascade chassis unit disk

482 x 594 x 131 mm

EIA Standard Height

Disk Array Controller Unit


Cascade chassis unit disk



Disk Array Controller Unit

Not more than 45 kg

Cascade chassis unit disk

Not more than 45 kg

Power Requirements

AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz

The unit is 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes and 1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes.

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Analysis of Taobao in 2008 to adjust the causes and effects of B2C strategy

Such a long time, Taobao's B2C strategy for a major adjustment was finally introduced in the 2008 Spring Festival, which should be to be happy about, but the results made me come out of adjustment conceal his disappointment.

Why Taobao B2C strategy there will be an adjustment? After adjustment for us, what brings buyers and sellers? Taobao B2C future prospects? I think this is of great concern to us all, now three issues to talk about my views.

Three reasons why the policy change Taobao B2C

1, high-level adjustment will inevitably bring about the adjustment of the overall marketing strategy;

By the end of December 2007, Taobao, Alibaba Group, officially announced, senior vice president, Paypal will transfer Taobao president Lu Zhaoxi president and current president of Sun Tongyu Taobao will learn from the cadres, holiday programs, resigned from the current position, enter the study and repair of . Sun Tongyu during employment, Taobao's transaction volume and number of users have been quick to upgrade, but the growth of B2C business is obviously not keep up with trends, warming up with China's B2C e-commerce, Taobao B2C strategy adjustment is inevitable.

2,07 Taobao B2C in the slow development, internal and external causes two knives to promote top of lumbar Taobao B2C in 2008 to seek change;

Back to top of the first knife: Taobao B2C scale of development did not reach expectations, internal pressure. In 2007, the Taobao continued strong growth trend, trading platform increased from from 16.9 billion yuan / year soared to 43.3 billion yuan / year, while

The number of registered users increased 53 million from 30 million. However in 2007 the slow development Taobao B2C and C2C serious imbalance in the ratio of increase. Ma B2C e-commerce business empire is an important part, but in 2007 in Taobao B2C in a relatively awkward position, internal pressure, the plan must change.

Back to top of the second knife, in 2007 the rapid development of China's B2C, B2C plump piece of cake for many businesses eyeing. Alibaba is the leader in e-commerce, however, is Ma B2C e-commerce empire, the most flimsy of a pillar. Expected in 2008 China's B2C e-commerce development will further speed, high-growth market for many companies and opportunities, how to grab a larger market 08 share, is most concerned about Alibaba, if not high-speed growth in China's B2C of spent enough market share, then e-commerce business empire Ma serious weak link. Taobao B2C strategy, therefore adjusted also be ruled out.

3 Taobao adjust the pressure within the business structure

Financial Times "Taobao B2C evolution:" International Trade "model how to get? "Mentioned in the article, Taobao C2C is a flea market in fact, true, but, that is, the" flea "market for Chinese Internet users has formed the habit of online shopping. Can be said Taobao B2C e-commerce development in China's training base, Taobao's transaction greatly promoted China's C2C online shopping transaction size, has cultivated a B2C e-commerce development to be of the first online shopping crowd. However, B2C and C2C completely different concept, the B2C and C2C business on the same platform would have a lot of problems, but also violated the fundamental rules of business so many years. Therefore, restructuring, or even completely stripped out of B2C business, building a new platform to operate Taobao B2C, is not impossible.

After adjustment for us, what brings buyers and sellers?

Alipay and sellers Taobao credit system is the two important factors for success. Similar to the certification system is also a member of Alibaba Ali brilliant achievements to be due. B2C Taobao Taobao C2C is the seller in addition to the introduction of more credit certification conditions, therefore, in terms of buyers, sellers Taobao B2C mall integrity should be higher.

High integrity allows buyers to buy the rest assured that better protect the interests of buyers. The seller must increase input costs, it is also time to get a platform to promote additional assistance, increased sales opportunities, sales costs and product prices have definitely upgrade.

This is the 2007 implementation of an Taobao B2C situation. From 2008 to adjust the strategic point of view Taobao, there are three salient points: first, Taobao B2C seller's access threshold increased; second Taobao B2C brand will be divided based on a single brand lock sellers ; third, to enhance the positioning Taobao B2C, C2C draw clear expectations and boundaries.

First not from the overall strategy is correct, the three points from the strategy view, either the buyer or seller can not do anything new strategy of tangible benefits.

From the buyers perspective, affordable, convenient, secure online shopping to achieve the purpose of B2C and C2C e-commerce is a fundamental value of expression. If the new emergence of Taobao B2C mall shopping for the cost of upgrading to the buyer, and that might make part of the buyer or any other B2C C2C mall to buy merchandise. Although the new B2C Taobao more effectively screen out the brand strength of more formal business, but prices and sincere service to make a decision in time, the market may make buyers choose, or choose low-cost alternative shopping channels. In addition, a point to mention is that, if the seller Taobao B2C locked into a single brand seller, who then in the end it appears in this platform? Brand distributor? Brands?

Considerable size of a single brand Taobao big seller? We consider the fact, that the conditions for a single card brand management are established to meet the conditions of access Taobao B2C mall's also willing to enter, few sellers.

From the seller perspective, operating costs are often directly linked to the price and product, but product prices and sales volume and profit has linked Taobao B2C increase barriers to entry allow many vendors to consider another path.

On the other hand, from the success of e-business models in the world seems to be a single brand management and most successful brands, and I said, success is integrated in the success of the brand + marketing, not just the sales platform . Seller

Map is profit, single brand management style is considerable. Suppose, if the achievements Taobao B2C businesses after a certain size, how to handle the brand of traditional channels of distribution channels and networks is the relationship between the manufacturers, distributors, agents can not tell between the endless number of complex relationships the.

Taobao B2C future prospects?

2007 Guangzhou Expo in commercial software when ProBIZ sfotware ( consulting analyst pointed out: With the constant expansion of online shopping, e-commerce entity + network marketing model will become the mainstream. That is in addition to many of our growth and fledgling C2C sellers, the number of traditional companies will cut into the B2C e-commerce, and through its own funds the rapid rise of scale advantages. Therefore, Taobao is much room for future development of B2C.

The future model Taobao B2C will happen? I expect that, stripping out the establishment of a dedicated business B2C trading platform is more suitable for B2C business model aggregation platform. The platform is a brand division of business or to sell the product key to type into the platform business is willing to type. In addition, the effect of traffic aggregation Taobao B2C platform is the core of the service and traffic if the two issues to find the best answer, then Taobao B2C platform will be a good development. And more large and medium enterprises may attempt to establish autonomous B2C e-commerce sales platform, this force will be the mainstream of the future development of B2C. (Source: ProBIZ e-business solutions developer)

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Photoshop round with your dream car (directory)

China's accession to WTO, the car import tariffs are reduced by a mile, are lowering the price of domestic cars, and some down by 5000 over 1000, down by more than 10,000 others, some are based on a drop of 30,000 yuan, the cheapest 55,000 can be purchased, but for me this working-class, or Qionga or no money to buy ah! Hey, fortunately, the Pacific network so a tutorial college, so that car like crazy, I can customize a beloved sports car, do not believe? Take a look:

"I want to personally create a treasure when the Czech Republic, a real car belonging to their own!! I not the daydreaming, because now I do have one called" PHOTOSHOP "production line, but also the latest 6.0 section! ha ha, now running up to it, step by step to achieve our common dream car right. "

. The first step of production - design car shape

. Production of the second step - drawing the various parts

. The production of the third step - to the vehicle color

. The production of the fourth step - the details part of the picture 1

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World Cup counterparts: Illustrator drawing three cases of Football

銆??2006涓栫晫鏉濡傜伀濡傝嵓鐨勮繘琛岋紝鎴戜滑宀傝兘鏃犲姩浜庤》锛?On the bones of this tutorial provides three examples of tutorials Illustrator drawing football, let us also with the World Cup, a fire it!鍘熸枃鏍囬鍒嗗埆涓恒?鍦↖llustrator缁樺埗瓒崇悆銆嬨?銆婄敤Adobe Illustrator缁樺埗瓒崇悆 銆嬪強銆婄敤Adobe Illustrator鎵撻?鐪熷疄瓒崇悆銆嬨?


銆??瀹炰緥浜屻?缁樺埗涓?彧绠?崟鐨勮冻鐞?br />

Three examples, drawing a three-dimensional football

Example of a video tutorial to teach you draw football
Learning Points

銆??鈽?澶氳竟褰㈠伐鍏?br />鈽?reference line (Ctrl +5)
鈽?rotary tool
鈽?once again transform (Ctrl + D)
鈽?clipping masks (Ctrl +7)

Examples of two, draw a simple football
Using the line tool draw a straight line as shown below (in combination with Shift key to draw a vertical line)

Will maintain the selected line, double-click the rotation tool in the toolbox, pop-up dialog box, shown below, set the rotation angle of 72 degrees (360 梅 5)

Click the "Copy" button, copy the line rotation

Implementation of the Ctrl + D (again transform) command three times

銆?皢寰楀埌鐨勫浘褰㈡墽琛屸?瑙嗗浘>鍙傝?鐜?amp;gt;寤虹珛鍙傝?绾库?锛屽皢鍥惧舰鍙樹负鍙傝?绾?br />

With reference to the center line of a circle, hold down the Shift + Alt keys, drawn from the center of a perfect circle, and round to coloring - blue; Stroke - no.

Select the round, double-click the toolbox, zoom tool, zoom tool pop-up dialog box, set up as shown below

Click the "Copy" button, get a copy narrow circle, will change its coloring - white


銆??浠ュぇ鍦嗗舰涓庡弬鑰冪嚎鐨勪氦鍙夌偣涓哄渾蹇冿紝鎸変綇Alt閿紝浠庝腑蹇冪偣缁樺埗鍑烘き鍦嗭紝妞渾鐨勮竟缂樹笌灏忓渾褰㈠拰鍙傝?绾跨浉鍒?br />

銆??鎸変綇Alt閿紝浣跨敤鏃嬭浆宸ュ叿锛屽湪鍙傝?绾跨殑浜ゅ弶鐐逛綅缃崟鍑婚紶鏍囷紝寮瑰嚭鏃嬭浆瀵硅瘽妗嗭紝璁剧疆鏃嬭浆瑙掑害濡備笅鍥炬墍绀?br />

銆??鍗曞嚮鈥滃鍒垛?鎸夐挳锛屽緱鍒颁竴涓棆杞鍒剁殑妞渾濡備笅鍥炬墍绀?br />

Implementation of the Ctrl + D command three times, will round out the three reproduce, use selection tool to the next round white picture hold down the Shift key to select

銆??鎵ц鈥滃璞?amp;gt;璺緞>鍋忕Щ璺緞鈥濆懡浠わ紝鍦ㄥ脊鍑虹殑瀵硅瘽妗嗕腑璁剧疆濡備笅鍥炬墍绀?br />



Draw rectangle as shown below


銆?犅犅犅?浠ュ弬鑰冪嚎鐨勪氦鍙夌偣涓烘棆杞腑蹇冿紝鏃嬭浆澶嶅埗鍑哄鍚屾墍绀虹殑5涓浘褰?br />

銆??浠ュ弬鑰冪嚎浜ゅ弶鐐逛负鍦嗗績锛屾寜浣廠hift锛婣lt閿粠涓績鐐圭粯鍒跺嚭濡備笅鍥炬墍绀哄渾褰?br />

銆??鍏ㄩ?鎵?湁鐨勫浘褰?br />

Implementation of the "Object> clipping masks> build (Ctrl +7)" command to the top of the circle on the bottom of the formation of shear effect of all graphics

Select using the grouping tool to create clipping masks for the round selected, to strokes to - blue, thickness 3pt

Implementation of the "View> Guides> Clear Guides" command will remove the reference line.澶у姛鍛婃垚锛屽厛浜蹭釜鍢达紝鍝堝搱銆?br />

瀹炰緥涓夈?缁樺埗涓?彧绔嬩綋鎰熻冻鐞?br />Always thinking about painting football these days, not many spade, and let's begin.杩欐牱鐨勫舰鐘朵笉瑕侀棶鎬庝箞璇濈敾锛屽墠闈㈠凡缁忚杩囦簡锛岃繕鏈夎繖閲屼篃璁蹭簡銆?br />

The fill to white, drag the symbols palette

Draw half circle, blue strokes. (Ye draw? Draw a perfect circle, with the direct selection tool to select half of the deletion of that half circle Mody)

Implementation of the "effect> 3D> Raozhuan" command, set in the dialog box as shown below


Preview satisfied, click twice the "OK" button

Results will be a copy, and strokes to white

Using the path outlined triangle shown below, and the implementation of the "Object> Compound Path> build" command. (If you do not know how to draw triangle is very simple, first in the layers palette that the ball will turn off the white display)

銆??閫変腑鐧借壊杈圭嚎鐨勭悆涓庡鍚堣矾寰勶紝鎵ц鈥滃璞?amp;gt;鍓创钂欑増>寤虹珛鈥濆懡浠?br />

Using the pen tool draw the path as shown below, and its coloring to red

In the transparency palette will change its hue mixed mode


Pen tool draw the shape shown below and use the "Object> Arrange> near the bottom," the graphics placed in the bottom of football



Click "OK" button, as shown in the results

Implementation of the "effect> Fuzzy> Gaussian Blur" setting as shown below

Click "OK" button, as shown in the results

Draw the shape as shown below and fill to the shape of the gradient

銆??閫変腑濡備笅鍥句腑鐨勪袱涓舰鐘讹紝鍗曞嚮閫忔槑搴﹁皟鏉垮彸涓婅鐨勫皬涓夎锛屽湪寮瑰嚭鐨勮彍鍗曚腑閫夋嫨鈥滃缓绔嬩笉閫忔槑钂欑増鈥濆懡浠?br />

銆??缁撴灉濡備笅鍥炬墍绀?br />



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Kai Van Olympic promotional clothing Invoicing 2.0

Software Details

Kai who choose to achieve the following key objectives:
Timely control of the retail and wholesale details, precise control of inventory changes, a reasonable allocation of resources
Clear with suppliers and financial relationships between agents, real-time to remind the accounts receivable
The situation on the sale of goods and efficient and accurate data analysis, enabling support for business decision-making
Improve the overall efficiency, help companies develop more rapidly
Kai Van software supports the following business model:
Single-store retail and wholesale business
LAN management of multi-store multi-user
Multi-store chain

To thank our customers who support the Kai, from 10.1 8.1 --- No. No. 7 Kai off all sales of any software.

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Big Dragon: China's PR industry subversion

A Swede, but slightly Beijing accent spoke Mandarin; a Swede, but has a typical Chinese style nickname - "Big Dragon"; a Swede looks calm, but heavy metal music like manic, who is full of contradictions China's PR industry is quite well known, and has more than a dozen world-renowned multinational customers an easy public relations general manager Bai Shihua.

The East meets West in the Swede, whose real name is called Johan Bjorksten, translated into Chinese is the birch forest where the meaning of the stones, so he called Baishi Hua Chinese name. But we call him "Big Dragon", "This is my first visit to China, a travel guide gave me, because I belong to Dragon."

What is the real PR?

Easy for the public relations for numerous Fortune 500 companies to provide public relations strategy and analysis, crisis management, media relations and event management and a series of services, long-term clients include Electrolux, IKEA, Absolut Vodka, Sony, Saab, Porsche, etc. well-known brand, market competitiveness is evident.

"This is because of my public relations firm has a clear position." Dragon says. Four years ago, the big dragon type of public relations firm has talked to some 70 500 public relations manager, most of these respondents were only the two types of public relations firms: foreign and domestic. Foreign public relations firms to high prices, arrogance, but the professional and strategic; and domestic public relations company does not have a strategic concept, but quickly, to quickly produce the results of the media, good service attitude. While each have their own characteristics, but not a public relations firm has its own specific position.

"Positioning for the company in any industry is very important to take the car, said that Volvo's safety when it comes to open up and comfort is the Mercedes-Benz, BMW is comfortable sitting up, customers will need to choose according to their buying Which brand of car, no positioning will lead to price war among enterprises. "

Tai Lung to easily position the company as public relations in a "knowledge-oriented media relations." This position is that he interviewed a number of businesses and media after the decision. He heard an IT company complained about their public relations firms can not provide the services they want. Tai Lung is very strange, a professional IT company to do public relations how will it work? Companies said their company and not the same as other IT companies, each company has its own characteristics, this big dragon that is a real understanding of public relations consultancy services should be customer demand, and must know what customers need to achieve business objectives, so as to provide maximum value-added services.

He also contacted hundreds of reporters, the deepest impression is a senior editor, said he does not like public relations firms, as public relations company is to promote customer manuscript handed media, the middle charge exorbitant fees, public relations firms such fundamental not do any value-added services, in fact, a special kind of advertising. As a result, a large dragon on the market, summed up the contradiction between public relations, public relations firm that is not truly understand the needs and characteristics of enterprises, but also do not know what the media really want to write. Therefore, a large dragon took it easy for public relations as a "knowledge-oriented communication, the media really understand the customer, and more in-depth coverage."

"Communication (communication) is very important", a large dragon that public relations firms do not simply publish information out to businesses only, "It is important to consumers believe that companies can achieve the commitments they have made." A easy for public relations as an English training school services, Tai Lung discovered a very interesting phenomenon: that they give consumers about the advantages of the school although we do agree with, but do not believe the school can do. "So, our most important task is to prove that schools can do, we need to communicate." But the communication of specific measures that may involve commercial secrets, Tai Lung declined.

In order to truly understand the needs of customers and consumers, he asked his public relations consultant to the need to service the client company to practice. "We are a consultancy service for the Ikea, Ikea have been wearing the yellow uniform salesman in the mall selling, selling to be eligible to return two weeks later a consultant to do Ikea." Vulnerable to public relations to 60% - 80% growth rate, accurate positioning contributed.

Talent competition, customer choice

"Our competition is talent, not customers." Dragon point of view it seems China's public relations market, closer to nature. Indeed, China's public relations market is still very young, many are not mature, imperfect, but now 30% a year growth rate of developing public relations practitioners in short supply, "so we can provide services to senior public relations is a real companies can provide services to 10% -20%. "

Dragon would like to emphasize the importance of talent. A real public relations company's business, should include event management, media relations, audience analysis, product planning, investor relations, corporate image of the profit of, clarity, etc., the core is to achieve customer, media, real consumer interaction. Tai Lung that these tasks require enormous intellectual investment, not a sufficient number of good public relations difficult to achieve.

Competition between peers makes intense competition for customers. But the dragon has proposed the "select customers" slogan. He believes that public relations is an emerging industry in China, many concepts still vague, although Chinese entrepreneurs and marketing managers have been initially on the role of advertising has the necessary knowledge, but few can appreciate the essence of a brand, not know how to use more subtle ways to bring the brand to achieve very strong.

Tai Lung that the minds of the Chinese enterprise managers have a misunderstanding: they think that ad spending and income equal to the value of 100 million 100 million worth of spare parts and equate public relations services. In fact, brand building requires a very complex process, which involves the company's overall environment and information of mutual communication, sales force, product image to the media, advertising (in fact a small part of the PR) part of this series.

Therefore, always choose an easy public relations, such as Porsche, Sony, IKEA, they understand the brand value of customers. "They understand how to add value to their brands, and our consumers, the media and clients where there are very in-depth understanding of the market, so we hit it off."

"In fact, customers should have confidence in their choice of public relations firm. Should be the users do not doubt, doubt those who do not." A phrase from the lips foreigner journalists surprised a moment. "Enterprises should be sure that they find a public relations consultant is professional, knowledgeable, understand them, then the needs of enterprises and consultants good communication, so that we will cooperate well, value-added capabilities will be strengthened." But He acknowledged that companies need to wait until the market is mature, experienced the later can achieve this level.

Part-time DJ business transformation

Dragon 16, he revealed his business acumen. He published scientific papers in his father needed to work hand-drawn chart found business opportunities, they registered a graphics company. "At the time popular home computer yet, so I had more money than many adults pay more than this for a high school student is very impressive." In 1994, Tai Lung UPPSALA, Sweden, the University of the chemical master's degree, this Peking University has been studying for two years to the young man began to germinate the idea of entrepreneurship in China.

Initially, he had to do imports registered a miniature golf equipment company, out of the "long march the first step on the road." Later, a radio friend and chatted about the Nordic Dragon music, friends, found a large dragon on the music great deal of research, but also fluent in Mandarin, so his friends pulled him to the music, and hosts a special Nordic music files, so that Sweden made a young part-time radio and television over 8 years.

From the media into the PR industry seems a natural. "Maybe I did host the some name, some people came to me to introduce them to some people to do things like opening time, I felt this could be a business opportunity." Was well-known brands Electrolux and Omega watches find a big dragon, hope to help them to do great dragon media relations. In this way, he throw himself wholeheartedly into and operation of public relations, consulting business.

Dragon said, "I like Chinese culture, especially the food culture." First contact with Chinese culture, he was seven when his father took him to eat Chinese food, Tai Lung learned to use chopsticks, but also to the front of their classmates to go. The exposure to Chinese culture is like a giant magnet to attract him firmly, he will have to go often to museums and other cultural relics and art in China.

A few years ago, Tai Lung's father in Estonia, the mother in Australia, big sister in Switzerland, the little sister in Scotland?? "We are all like family battles, go open eyes." Tai Lung said. China's huge market prospects and the rapid development of the economy, entrepreneurs like him have a tremendous appeal. "China's business, I have no hesitation." Dragon confidence in their choice.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

He Jinghua Xu Shaochun joined the first on

December 18 News, 10 December Kingdee International Software Group (hereinafter referred to Kingdee) announced the appointment of UF software (UF) former president He Jinghua as the company's CEO, as Kingdee and UF in the industry Sudi relations, the news was announced immediately attracted great media attention and heated discussion in the industry.

The face of external events on the various rumors and speculation, 15, broke the silence Kingdee evening, the Chairman of the Board Xu Shaochun Sina science and technology in an exclusive connection accepted the first time to disclose the reasons for joining the appointment He Jinghua, and to many issues of concern to the industry to the SAN 11 Xiangjie. The following is a telephone connection Sina Technology and Xu Shaochun Record.

He Jinghua UF without the need to understand

Sina technology: Why He Jinghua do Kingdee's CEO, what he most valued the ability and experience?

Xu Shaochun: He Jinghua is a passionate person, there is a very good professional competence management personnel, is also very interesting that we are all O blood type, personality similarity, also got along well, I really like this person, he We Kingdee right, looking for the CEO. Is of most importance Ho Kingdee professional experience, professional knowledge and professional management.

Sina technology: we all know, He Jinghua competitors in Kingdee done for two years president of UF, Kingdee He Jinghua do in the choice of CEO, he's the experience of the extent to which he contributed to your choice?

Xu Shaochun: We chose Mr. He Jinghua is the value of his character, professional competence and experience. We believe that He Jinghua Kingdee to join us help to help improve core business competitiveness. Kingdee and UF have been very understanding of each other, we do not need to know by Ho UF.

If not enough power to He Jinghua not invite him to

Sina technology: Kingdee CEO until the post is part-time by you, is when to make the decision to find a CEO?

Xu Shaochun: Frankly speaking, the last two to three years Kingdee has been a global search for CEO, which is the need for development strategies Kingdee, Kingdee goal is to become Asia-Pacific region in 2010 SME ERP market leader in China's enterprise management software market brand.

In addition, as a Hong Kong listed company, in order to better improve the corporate governance structure, the President and CEO by different people as is necessary.

Sina technology: Please He Jinghua as the company's CEO when the decision is made?

Xu Shaochun: This is the last two or three months to make the choice, of course, before that we went through two years of preparatory work. We have a lot of CEO candidates. Precise, in this month's board meeting held 9 formal appointment of Mr. He Jinghua made as the company CEO's decision.

Sina technology: Kingdee is the founder of your hand and big companies can do now the size is not easy, perhaps precisely because of this reason, until you have served as the company's CEO, Kingdee big now this is the first time you request a "outsiders" to manage the outside world to know that you can give He Jinghua how much power the future?

Xu Shaochun: You can say that if Mr. He Jinghua can not make full use of his capacity and role, why should I ask him to come? Kingdee is an institutionalized, and the company in the role each has its own position and values, I believe he can play his role as CEO.

Sina technology: He Jinghua, said there were paid employees of his annual salary of convenience Kingdee said, will more than UF's time?

Xu Shaochun: As the Hong Kong listed companies, executives of the salary and other information will be relevant in the Stock Exchange to require disclosure of statements and documents, please when the time concerned.

Sina technology: Appointment of CEO, while He Jinghua Kingdee do it for the first time set up the post of chief software architect, and for you to serve in that capacity, we want to know how this decision is envisaged in the original, then chief architect and Kingdee How CEO division?

Xu Shaochun: First, I would like to talk about the understanding of the chief architect, chief architect to the company's products and services, especially products that can keep to the definition and optimization, to plan and optimize the product structure. I think this is the core of our corporate strategy.

Second, why should I not after the CEO, to serve as such a position? I hope to have more time to go to the market line, to have more time with customers, to face and examine their management challenges. To have more time to think about the company's strategic issues.

As China's economic rise, the era of globalization, Chinese enterprises must have their own in the Guanlimoshi, I am very interested in studying this management model, hope right leader in all sectors of management, summed up their management common mode, hoping to help SMEs to improve management.

Also, you know the Internet and mobile communication technology has developed rapidly, Kingdee hope in these two areas can be a breakthrough, our products also face the transition to the Internet side. I am also interested in research in this area, hoping to develop new products and applications Kingdee mode.

The time the first phase of cooperation is four years

Sina technology: As He Jinghua management software market in China, the special experience of the industry are concerned about his future, there are many views, Kingdee certainly greater expectations on the He Jinghua, who formally took office, He Jinghua hope he can give Kingdee What are the changes , what is expected of him?

Xu Shaochun: frankly ask him to do the company's CEO, we had to very low-key, very practical to go forward, but also create good conditions and atmosphere for him, did not think this matter which has caused such a big response, it does is unexpected. Here, I also represent the company to the community's concern Kingdee thanks.

However, He Jinghua not God is not a savior, we do not want him within a year give the company a radical change, but we hope he will, and employees work together, through team efforts to promote the progressive core of the company as a whole Competitiveness. He and I reached a consensus that low-key and pragmatic move forward.

We hope that the present basis He Jinghua can have some inheritance and innovation, we gave him a long time.

Sina technology: the "long time" is long, is it easy to disclose?

Xu Shaochun: We both agreed the first stage is 4 years, that is, 2010, at the end of this stage, to achieve our promise.

Sina technology: this convention is that you mentioned before, to the 2010 Asia-Pacific region Kingdee enterprise management software market leader?

Xu Shaochun: Yes, this is the case. After the first phase of implementation, once the second phase, to my understanding of the He Jinghua, our cooperation will be very useful, according to the consensus we reached before, we hope that China's management software to a higher level .

Sina technology: after 2010, that is, the second stage with the He Jinghua in Kingdee What is the goal?

Xu Shaochun: Four years later, things hard to say, but I firmly believe that good cooperation we can continue.

Sina technology: how to look after the UF He Jinghua join the competition?

Xu Shaochun: In fact, the management software market, competition in the future mainly in foreign competition, China's domestic manufacturers and foreign companies before the competition. So please do not be afraid opponents, do not worry, I say, "stare stare customers than rivals," how to play the advantages of local firms is that we should all think about.

Postscript: "Who can give me a reason not choose He Jinghua"

He Jinghua Kingdee appointed as the company's CEO is not easy to do low-key, just as in 2004 from the same UF that He Jinghua, not only because He Jinghua management software market in China itself is a controversial figure, but because he is the choice of Kingdee , and "South Kingdee North UF" has been a tendency into confrontation.

A telephone connection, Xu Shaochun tone slightly tired, but in no way lack of firm and rational. He repeatedly Sina Technology said, "We would like to play down the matter that Mr Ho to create a good environment and atmosphere, now aroused so much concern about our unexpected." He even questioned said, "who gave me Mr. He Jinghua do not choose a reason CEO? "

Although already a public company, but it is undeniable that Xu Shaochun Kingdee children, after all, he is the founder of Kingdee, which, as UF is to the Wang Wenjing, Huawei is to the Ren Zhengfei, and so on, which is the growth of Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs the same ring.

In the flat world inside of the fierce competition, they are actively trying to line with international standards, Xu Shaochun introduced as early as 2000 with the international background of professional managers, Wang Wenjing, 2002, he attempted to employ He Jinghua to build international UF, But the reason it makes sense that in addition, China's domestic management software industry, the two leaders have chosen to the same person. Therefore, they are destined to become the focus of the community.

Peer is the enemy, competition is inevitable. But perhaps, as Xu Shaochun said, China's management software market potential is huge, local companies should not be confined to internal competition, but should head down thinking about how to play to local strengths, after all future management software market is more a contest between Chinese and foreign enterprises competition.

Xu Shaochun last hope expressed two hopes Sina technology: first, the hope and the media as a career development manager, business development and create a favorable social environment; second, the industry to practical management of China's software industry to promote the further development of .

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